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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Resturant Style Cheese Toast

When I go to Sizzlers, I GO for their Cheese Toast. If you haven't ever eaten it...you won't know what I am talking about, BUT making this delicious Cheese Toast will make you want to go and have some. I actually like my recipe better than the real thing! We eat it with spaghetti, lasagna or soups...really anything. Everyone loves it and always requests that I make it when we are having "bread" of any kind with our dinner.
 Make it, eat it and you won't regret it one bit....
(okay, if you are dieting...maybe...but thats a BIG maybe).

Resturant Style Cheese Toast

2 cubes of BUTTER (slightly softened)...yes, the REAL stuff
4 oz. grated Parmesan cheese ( I just use the stuff in a can)
1 loaf of sliced deli bread OR 1 loaf of homemade white bread (don't use the cheap, thin, store bought bread...it doesn't work very well...been there, done that... I used homemade because thats what I had, but any HEAVY bread would work)

In a bowl place butter. Soften in microwave for approximately 15 seconds...don't melt it, just soften. Mix the butter and the cheese. Preheat a large skillet or a griddle. Spread butter mixture on your bread and then place your bread, CHEESE side DOWN onto the surface of your hot pan. Cook until cheese has browned and then flip over and warm the other side...it won't really brown because it doesn't have anything on it. Enjoy!!

Happy Cooking~

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  1. Sounds great, easy, and fattening. Three of my favorite things! Haha. I think I will try this tonight with our dinner.