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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


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I'm always looking for new ways to use hamburger. I'm a chicken girl but I do love me some hamburger! We eat a lot of tacos and similar foods so I'm always up for a new recipe using hamburger and I am sure you are to! I tried this recipe while my sister was here. We both LOVED it. It was definitely one of the quickest recipes i've tried.

Cheeseburger Sliders
1 pound ground chuck-
1/2 t. seasoned salt
6 slices cheese
12- small rolls

Gently press the ground beef into a 9x13 baking pan. Press evenly making one giant pattie. Sprinkle with seasoned salt. Bake in a 400 degree oven for 20 minutes. Using a paper towel, pat the excess grease from the top of the pattie. Top with cheddar cheese, return to oven for 2 more minutes. Remove from oven, let set while rolls are cooking then cut into patties. Slice open and separate each roll. Spread butter onto rolls and place them in the oven on BROIL for 2-3 minutes (until you get that golden brown look). Place patties onto hot rolls. Serve immediately. Makes 12- 15 sliders depending on how big you cut them.

Top with Ketchup, Mustard, Fry Sauce, Pickles, etc.

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  1. Hey- I found a recipe similar to this that I have been meaning to try. It is here ----> http://www.favfamilyrecipes.com/2009/10/our-version-of-white-castle-burgers.html Just in case you are interested.