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Friday, May 28, 2010

Chicken, Bacon and Swiss

Last weekend my sister came to visit. We were out running errands on Saturday afternoon and we couldn't decide what to eat for lunch. After much debate we settled on Arbys. I haven't eat at Arbys in almost 7 years (the reason involves a severe case of the stomach flu and a roast beef sandwich. Gross). I had forgotten how much I loved their Chicken Bacon and Swiss sandwich. So amazing. I've been craving one ever since we left the Arbys parking lot so I decided I needed to figure out how to make it at home. It turned out just as good as the restaurant and will definitely be going in our dinner rotation.

Chicken, Bacon and Swiss Sandwich

1 Breaded Chicken Breast Fillet (I bought the bag of Tyson's and it was great)
1 slice swiss cheese
3 slices thick bacon
1 Tbs. Honey Mustard
1 Hamburger Bun

Bake Chicken according to package. Spread butter on Hamburger Buns and set in the broiler for 3-4 minutes. When chicken and buns are done arrange chicken, cheese and bacon onto bun. Set in the broiler for aprox. 5 minutes. Remove and top with Honey Mustard. Quick, Easy and Delicious.



  1. Hey my dear! Arby's roast beef sandwiches made me sick... twice... I gave up on Arby's for a long time. This sandwich looks yummy though. I tried your tangy meatballs today- super good! Tim really liked them too.. so big hit for us.

    Mama Julie- A couple weeks ago we had the Olive Garden Alfredo! Tim loved that and I liked it too. I'm not a huge fan of white sauce, but I enjoyed this one. So another hit.

    This comment is getting really long, but I wanted you to know I love your blog and am trying to make food as good as the pictures! Love you both!

  2. We make these alot here-they are very good:) Hope you have an awesome holiday weekend:)!!