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Friday, July 30, 2010

Bean and Cheese Burritos

One of my favorite meals growing up was homemade burritos- they were so greasy and cheesy and all around delicious. I made them for Jack a few weeks ago and it shocked me to find out he had never had them before. Since then I have made them many times to make up for lost time. They are so quick and easy and just what you need on nights when the thought of cooking makes you cry. (or is that just me?)

Bean and Cheese Burritos
10 flour tortilla shells
1 can refried beans
1 cup of cheese
Oil (for frying)

Spread approximately 3 Tbsp of beans down the center of your tortilla shell. Sprinkle with cheese and roll up. Set in frying pan of hot oil. Let cook on for 1 min (or until brown) and turn. Serve hot. (with ranch or ketchup)


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  1. I woke up from a nap today to find that hubs had made this for lunch (he added ham). They were so good. I can't wait to have them again!