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Friday, September 3, 2010


*Don't judge the picture guys- I was in the mountains!

Well friends, it's already September and I've only managed to go camping once- and it was a disaster. To make up for a lack of summer camping my taste buds have decided to be on a S'mores kick. I've gone through SO much chocolate all by myself. It's embarrassing actually. I've made S'more bars, cooked them over my stove and the hubby and I made them at a hot dog roast last weekend. With all this S'mores action going on you would think I would get tired of them. Not so-- but having variety has helped spice things up a bit. Do you love graham crackers? Burnt marshmallows? Twix? Then this ones for you.

Twix S'mores
Graham crackers
Twix Candy Bars

Use two fun size twix bars or break a regular bar in half- lay both on your graham cracker. Layer with a burnt (I refuse to admit there is another way) marshmallow and top with your other cracker. It immediately and start all over!


  1. Last year at our family reunion we made smores and also added ice cream caramel sauce. Oh my, it was so GOOD! I can't wait to try them with Twix (and maybe even Kit Kat bars.) :)

  2. Use peeps instead of marshmellows.. and then leave out the chocolate and graham crackers... mmmm yummy