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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Raspberry Pancake Syrup

I enjoy pancakes and waffles much more if I don't always have to put maple syrup on them...don't get me wrong, maple syrup is delish and has its place, but a change is always nice. I have a very large raspberry patch and I am always looking for new ways to use up those berries. Our raspberries don't start coming on until the end of August or first part of September, which is right in the middle of the tomato season...AND canning, so alot of times the raspberries get put in a bag and frozen until I can get around to doing something with them. When I came across this recipe and it called for "FROZEN RASPBERRIES" I knew that I had to try it (since there are still a few bags hiding in my freezer from last years crop). The syrup turned out amazing and so tasty...(but I love raspberries so anything made with raspberries is amazing in my opinion)...give it a try because I think you will agree with me~ you're going to love it!

Raspberry Pancake Syrup
3 c. frozen raspberries
3 c. sugar
3 T. water

Combine ingredients into a saucepan and cook over medium heat. Stir frequently so that syrup doesn't burn. Cook until berries are melted down and the syrup thickens slightly. Serve with pancakes, french toast, waffles or any of your favorite breakfasts. Top with whipped topping if you like and eat up!!!
Refrigerate any leftovers...it sets up a little bit more when it gets cold and can actually be used as a jam on PBJ's  or toast too. YUMMY!

Happy Cooking~