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Thursday, January 6, 2011


And according to Random.org the winner is....

Ercanbrack's said...

"Blogged about ya'll!"

It totally pays to blog about us =) And I love that she used "ya'll".

Congrats Kim!

Keep telling your friends about us! We only have to get 85 more followers before we can giveaway another fabulous surprise!


  1. Good Morning Ladies! Congrats to Kim! I was so jazzed when I saw she won I called her and woke her up to tell her! LOL
    Enjoy your week

  2. the "ya'll" probably tipped Random.org in her favour! Kim'll have to post what she made with the mold (mould? the non-fuzzy one)

  3. But Kim says she never wins anything! Kim, I will taste test whatever you use to make with it!

  4. I love your blog...it's so fun and the recipes are fabulous!

  5. I'm so glad Kim won!! Now I know where to go to borrow one when I need it!!!