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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sommer's Clam Dip

My sister-in-laws are ALL amazing cooks (as you can tell, I have featured many of their recipes on our blog). Every time we have a "family party", I can guarantee that there will be food involved. I always look forward to, and get super excited, to try all of the new, yummy foods that they make. Without fail, I always go home with the recipe and craving more of their divine dishes!!! This dip is fantastic, I am not even kidding. I am not a huge fan of the "store bought" clam dip, I can take it or leave it...but this one- I would fight for. Its so good that I caught myself eating it with a spoon (shhh...don't tell anyone). One of my older son's came over to spend the day with me so I thought it would be the perfect time to whip up some of this amazing dip. I knew that I wouldn't be quite as tempted to eat the entire bowl since there would be another mouth there to eat it too. My son loved it and gobbled it right up...then my younger son came home from school and gobbled some more of it down...I had to literally grab a bowl and snap a picture quick before it was all gone (hence the reason for such a lousy picture). This clam dip is "TO DIE FOR"....you MUST try it. BUT...a quick word of advice--make it when you have a few extra mouths to help devour it...otherwise you might find yourself nestled down in front of the television with a big bag of chips and a heaping bowl of clam dip...pretty soon it will be an EMPTY BAG OF CHIPS along with an EMPTY BOWL...but a very full tummy.

Sommer's Clam Dip

2 packages cream cheese, at room temperature (you can use the low-fat cream cheese if you want to)
2 cans minced clams with juice
*drain juice into a small bowl and set aside
liquid smoke (to taste)
1/4 t. lemon juice
Worcestershire sauce (to taste)

Place cream cheese, lemon juice and clams in a medium sized mixing bowl. Add clam juice a little at a time until you reach desired thickness. Add liquid smoke and Worcestershire sauce to taste. Serve with your favorite chip or cracker. I love to dip Wavy Lay's in my Clam Dip!


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