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Monday, July 25, 2011

Tonya's Fruit Dip

Dip...need I say more??? You all know how I LOVE DIP...ALTHOUGH, this one is for fruit....which makes it "good for me" right?! You have to make this...you will regret it if you don't! I made a request on Facebook awhile back for some tried and true recipes for summer. I got several replies and have had a blast trying them all out! This recipe was from one of my sweet neighbors, she has since moved across town so I never get to see her anymore, but I still call her my neighbor because living in a small town, you can live quite a distance apart and still be neighbors...ANYWAY, I was thrilled when she sent me this recipe, but EVEN more thrilled when I tried it out! CAN you say FANTABULOUS?!!! I seriously could eat this fruit dip with a spoon... I didn't, but I could! Its DIVINE!!!! I will forever be in your debt Tonya...this SCRUMPTIOUS dip is to die for!!!!!

Tonya's Fruit Dip
1 8oz cream cheese
1 T. vanilla
1 c. brown sugar
toffee bits (I used 4 Skor Bars...crushed)
1 8oz whipped topping

Mix all ingredient together in a medium sized bowl. Chill until ready to serve. Serve with sliced apples, banana chunks, strawberries etc....OR go a little bit farther and serve it with brownie chunks....YUM, YUM, YUM....make some and bring it to my house!!!


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