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Monday, October 24, 2011

Chocolate Mousse Frosting

Chocolate CAKE...does it get any better?...NO, I don't think it does. YES, I think there are desserts that are EQUALLY as delish...but I don't know if I have found anything that I like better than a good ol' fashioned HOMEMADE chocolate cake (don't even LIKE the boxed ones...they don't count as far as I am concerned...yuck). I usually prefer my chocolate cakes smothered in my homemade frosting BUT after I made this Chocolate Mousse Frosting I decided that it was so scrumptious that I might just BAG the white frosting fetish and frost my chocolate cakes with this creamy delight ALL of the time.

***word to the wise
ONE can not be trusted when this cake is left resting in the refrigerator...keep under constant guard (usually guarding from ones SELF more than any others)

Chocolate Mousse Frosting

3 c. cold milk
3 (3.9 oz) INSTANT chocolate pudding mix
16 oz carton frozen whipped topping

In a mixing bowl, beat the milk and pudding mix for 2 minutes. Beat in whip topping and frost your favorite cake (mine of course was a CHOCOLATE cake)...yep its that easy!


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