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Monday, January 2, 2012

Mock Winger Chicken Wraps

I love our "Mock Wingers Chicken" recipe that is here on our blog. Hopefully you've tried it and you love it too! It's a favorite in our house and we make and eat it several times a month. I like to make A LOT when I make if for dinner... so there are leftovers for another day. Last time I made it, we had too many leftover for just ONE more meal so I had to get a little creative to use up all the leftovers...so I decided to make a wrap with the chicken/...add a little cheese and some spinach and dinner was served!. OH LA LA...was it ever good!! I realize that many of you might have already tried this, but it was a first for me and so I thought I would share! PS.... I love leftovers!!!

Mock Winger Chicken
1 bag of chicken chunks
(Dayna use's Great Value Chicken Chunks. I actually like to use the Stone's Brand Chicken that comes in a large bag (if your a local, our grocery store here in town sells it). Its NOT pre-cooked, but it is breaded. Then I bake or deep-fry it...the cooking instructions for it are on the bag...this recipe will work and taste DIVINE with either kinds of chicken)

1 package tortilla shells
2-3 c. shredded cheese
spinach leave or shredded lettuce

1 1/2 c. brown sugar
4 T. water
6 T. "Franks" Hot Sauce (it has to be this brand)
* This makes a rather small amount of sauce, perfect if you are just wanting it for one meal, if you want EXTRA, double or triple the recipe.....just depends on if you like/want leftovers.

Bake chicken strips according to the package. Heat hot sauce, water and brown sugar in a sauce pan until all the sugar is dissolved. Cut chicken into bite sized pieces. (or leave as strips) Pour sauce over chicken and toss until sauce is coated evenly. Place chicken down the center of a warmed tortilla shell, add cheese and spinach or lettuce. Top with homemade ranch dressing (optional).
*Mixing winger sauce and ranch dressing will create a "buffalo sauce" similar to the one served at Wingers....its to die for!!!!!!!

*If you haven't made this recipe before...be warned that its a little on the spicy/hot side. It's extremely delicious, but it does have a KICK to it.


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