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Friday, February 17, 2012

Breakfast Berry Smoothy

Smoothies are great anytime...we like to eat them for breakfast. The family thinks I've really made a treat when I whip up one of these and serve it for breakfast. You just can't go wrong with smoothies.

Breakfast Berry Smoothy

2 c. berry yogurt (I used strawberry)
3-4 banana's
1 c. milk
2-3 c. frozen raspberries

*if you like yours sweeter, add sugar to taste...we like it as is.

Place milk and yogurt in blender (or smoothy maker if your lucky enough to have one). Add banana's and raspberries. Turn blender on "high" and mix until all ingredient is pureed. Serve in a cup, drink it or eat it with a spoon.

*Make sure you put the milk in FIRST. You want your liquid closest to the blade, this aids in the mixing process and makes it so the blade doesn't get jammed with the frozen fruit.



  1. I LOVE breakfast smoothies! When I make mine, I also add a handful of frozen chopped spinach. It gives it more protien but doesn't change the taste at all.

  2. This sounds SO good. I make a similar one with frozen bananas and yogurt, so I KNOW we will love this variation. Thank you!!