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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kitchen Tip-- Old Bananas

I am SO picky about bananas. I can't eat them if there is even one spot on the peel. If they feel too mushy I'm done. If the yellow is too "yellowish" I just can't do it. Needless to say, there is about a 30 minute time frame when a banana is edible. haha Which is so sad because they are one of my favorite fruits. They just ripen way too fast for my liking. 

Fast forward to todays Kitchen Tip. If you're like me and simply can't eat all your bananas before they go bad-- simply portion the over ripe bannanas according to your favorite smoothie or banana bread recipe and freeze them in individual baggies. This way you aren't wasting your bananas and when you get the itch for banana bread you already have the bananas on hand. 



  1. Fantastic use for over ripe bananas (I agree with not eating spotty bananas). I love them for smoothies.

  2. Do you peel them before freezing them? That's how I've always done it, but I was just wondering. I always add half a frozen banana to my breakfast smoothies. It seems to make them less acidic.