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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kitchen Tip-- Cookie Dough

I have no sense of portion control. My favorite cookie recipe makes 6 dozen cookies-- well I suppose I have to eat them all. So granted, I love the idea of making a batch of cookies-- baking up enough to eat and then freezing the rest. On the flip side- I HATE rolling the dough into little balls, arrange them on a cookie sheet so they don't all end up stuck to each other, and then finding room in my freezer to set the cookie sheet while they freeze. It just takes too long. I've portioned the dough into long rolls before but when I want to bake the cookies it takes forever for the log to thaw. 

Fast forward to today's tip. Freeze cookie dough in ice cube trays. It's fast and easy. Just spoon a little dough into each one, let freeze and then simply pop them out and throw them into a freezer bag. This way you can bake a few at a time whenever you want fresh baked cookies. 


  1. Ah this is such a good idea!! I TOTALLY have a portion control problem too... let's see if this helps. ;)

  2. YAY..I love this idea. I have no control whatsoever when it comes to baking cookies!!