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Friday, August 3, 2012

Spicy Potato Salad

Want to add a little KICK to your potato salad? Give this recipe a try. I was a little worried at first...just that maybe it was a bit "too out there" that no one would like my "spicy potato salad",  BUT....it was a hit and got devoured before I got to even have my fair share of it. Pretty tasty if I do say so myself!

Spicy Potato Salad 

8-10 baked potatoes, chilled over night
grated cheese
crumbled bacon (cooked of course)
JUICE from a bottle of Nacho Jalapeno (purchase in the "mexican" area of your local grocery store)

Peel and cube potatoes and place them in a medium/large bowl. Add desired amounts of cheese and bacon.
Place 1-2 c. mayonnaise in a small bowl, pour in desired amount of Nacho Jalapeno juice (to make a thin sauce...add more or less mayonnaise if you choose). Pour over potatoes, stir until all ingredients are combined. Refrigerate for 30 min-1 hour before serving. 


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