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Monday, September 24, 2012

April's Taco Salad

I love, love, love TACO SALAD!! We had a pot luck dinner at our church a while back and one of my dear friends brought this YUMMY, FANTASTIC, SCRUMPTIOUS Taco Salad! I seriously couldn't get enough of it...so I came home and made some a few days after, just to remind myself how yummy it was! Thanks April for waking up my taste buds and giving them a reason to smile...........mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

April's Taco Salad

Kidney Beans (not pinto, not black...NOT white, has to be KIDNEY), drained and rinsed
frozen corn (thawed)
lettuce (chopped)
tomatoes (diced)
green pepper (diced)
red onion (diced)
ground beef (cooked) 
     *if you put in the ground beef, do it just before serving...BUT also know that the leftovers aren't tasty
       with any meat in it. OPTION: make salad without the ground beef added, but have each person add
       it if they desire~
Dorito's Corn Chips (crumbled) *add just before serving
grated cheddar cheese
Catalina Dressing

There are no amounts...just put in what you want. Mix and toss as desired. Serve. 
Its easily made for a few people or large crowds!! ITS EXTREMELY TASTY!!


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  1. This sounds fantastic, but I think I'd do it with ranch...what a great idea. I love recipes where you can tailor the ingredients to suit. I totally agree that it has to be kidney beans!! Thank you for sharing.