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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Homemade Half & Half

I really hate it when I go to make a recipe (usually have it IN THE WORKS) and find that 
I don't have a KEY INGREDIENT. This happened just the other day when I was needing some half & half. I had some, but not enough for what I needed. I looked on line to see if BY CHANCE there was 
a solution to my dilema...sure enough!! I was so excited!! SO I thought I would pass the recipe on
to you. Hopefully you are more prepared and on top of things when it comes to cooking so you won't ever need to use this recipe, BUT just in case you do....here it is.

Homemade Half & Half

1 T. melted BUTTER (the REAL stuff)
milk (enough to equal 1 c. when added to the 1 T butter)

Combine milk and butter, stir. Use as you would regular half & half. 

YES, its that easy. I may never buy the "real" stuff again. I used it in my recipe and it worked great!



  1. Love this tip. I have done this one before and it does work great!

  2. What a GREAT idea. I usually just mix half cream and half milk, but this is a lot easier!!!