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Friday, January 18, 2013

Mindy's Shrimp Fondue

This fondue has been a family favorite for years and I don't know why I've never
posted the recipe?! Guess I wanted to keep it all to myself (*wink*). It is something you can use as an 
appetizer or serve it for dinner on a cold night, curl up on the couch and watch a good movie. Its creamy, has a little TANG to it and is very filling. Its sure to please the entire family!

Mindy's Shrimp Fondue
2 cans cream chicken soup
2 can shrimp, drained
3 stalks celery, diced (optional)
1 can chopped water chestnuts (optional)
2 (8 oz) cream cheese
1-2 t. dill weed
1-2 t. garlic powder (its all according to your taste)

Warm soup and cream cheese in a sauce pan until the cheese is melted and can be stirred into soup. Add other ingredient. Keep warm. Serve with CHUNKS of good french bread or baguettes.

*I prefer to make this in a crock pot and just DUMP everything in together and let it warm up on "LOW" or "WARM", stirring periodically. BUT if you are in a hurry you can do it on the stove. 

*I opted out of the celery and water chestnuts because I have family members that don't care for them, BUT I have made it with both of them before and its extremely scrumptious both ways!!


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