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Monday, February 18, 2013

Julie's Crunchy Corn Flake French Toast Sticks

We love french toast, this recipe was no exception. The crushed cereal on the outside of the french toast kept it slightly crunchy, yet moist (but not soggy) on the inside. THEY ARE scrumptiously delicious and were a huge hit! You could use these sticks for dipping into the syrup or other toppings or eat them like regular french toast....we just ate them drenched with syrup and whipped cream. 

Julie's Crunchy Corn Flake French Toast Sticks

5 eggs
1 1/2 c. cream
3 T sugar
3 t. vanilla
2 c. crushed corn flakes
1 c. crushed Captain Crunch Cereal
8 slices heavy bread (homemade or bakery style bread)

Cut bread slices into thirds, making your "sticks". Set aside. Mix eggs, cream, sugar and vanilla in a mixing bowl. Whisk until eggs are completely combined. Set aside. Place crushed cereal in a pie plate or other shallow dish. Stir to combine. Spray pancake griddle or frying pan with pan coating, heat pan until hot. Dip bread into egg mixture then into cereal mixture, coating both sides. Place coated bread onto hot griddle cook 3-4 minutes on each side or until crisp and not soggy in the middle. Serve with maple syrup and a dollop of whipped topping.

* This would taste good dipped in raspberry syrup or blueberry syrup etc....sooooooo good!!!


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