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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Orange Chicken Wrap

At our house, we are LOVERS of ORANGE CHICKEN...it doesn't matter what chinese restaurant we go to, someone always orders the "orange chicken", or something like it. I thought I would whip some of this "ORANGE CHICKEN" up one night for dinner and throw it into a wrap (just for a change)....I have to say, it was "good thinking" on my part, the family raved about dinner and gobbled every last piece down! I guess you could say they "LIKED IT"!

Orange Chicken Wrap

1 bag (approximately 36 oz) of fully-cooked/frozen boneless chicken chunks
(I used the Great Value "Walmart" brand) cooked according to instructions on the bag.

2 c. water
8 t oil
4 dash garlic powder

Bring to a boil.

12 T. soy sauce
12 T. water
2 1/2 c. sugar
2 1/2 c. white vinegar

Orange Zest (optional, I prefer it without the zest)

6-8 T. water
6-8 T. cornstarch

Mix water and cornstarch together. Stir until smooth, set aside.

Stir all ingredients continually (so it won't stick). Bring sauce to a boil. Add thickening a little at time. Don't add all of it at the same time because you don't want your sauce to be too thick. Stir with a whisk until sauce is thickened. Add more thickening as needed and until sauce is at the desired thickness. If you want orange sauce thicker, make more thickening and add a little bit at a time. Add orange zest for more of an "orange flavor". Pour sauce over cooked chicken. 

2 c. cooked rice (white or brown)
8-12 flour tortilla shells (I like to use the "dough" shells that are not cooked yet, I cook them up and they taste just like homemade...BUT any white tortilla shell will work), warmed 
shredded cheese if desired. 

Place desired amount of prepared hot, orange chicken down the middle of warmed tortilla shell. Add desired amount of rice and cheese. Roll and EAT! ITS that EASY!



  1. I just wondered why you use measurements like 8 T of oil instead of 1/2 cup.? Or 12 T soy sauce instead of 3/4 cup? Who really wants to measure that many tablespoons and a lot of people don't know the conversion. Or is that so it seems like less fat? :)

  2. Isn't that why we took math all those years??? haha. The original recipe is for 4 Tbsp. and when we tripled it for our family it was just easier to keep it at 12 Tbsp than convert it all. That way we knew for sure the numbers were tripled. It was just easier for us. And since it's our blog we kept it that way =) ~Dayna~