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Monday, July 22, 2013

Coming Back~

Did you think I was never coming back??? 
Summer has been busy, I won't lie....life seems to scurry along whether 
I am ready for the ride or not. I haven't lacked for things to do...and sadly enough
there have been days, that cooking hasn't happened in our house....cereal OR TOAST was
the meal plan! NOTHING has slowed down...its only gotten busier
BUT I am going to do my best to 
get some recipes posted and try to get back in the swing of things.
UNTIL after Labor Day, things may be a little sporadic, BUT don't give up
on me...I haven't forgotten you and I hope you haven't forgotten about me...BUT
right now, I feel its important to put my best hours toward my family
AND THATS ONE OF THE REASONS WHY we have worked together...

 on trying to complete our new deck (which is coming along quite nicely I might add)~
see....what did I tell you?! WOO HOO!

 keeping a garden, weedless (as much as possible)~

 the flowers blooming and watered (that's progress for me!)~

And spending time with these beauties...

...these gorgeous little hunks....

 as well as my gorgeous BIG hunks....

...eating is something WE STILL DO, just not on as big of a scale 
as we USUALLY DO! 

SOOOOO....keep a close watch, I will be posting recipes
and getting back in the swing of things!

Thanks for your support, your kind words and checking out our recipes!

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