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Friday, August 2, 2013

Waffle Pizza

With the HUGE craze going around with the "Waffle Trucks"...and people getting to order and eat waffles on the street, day or night...I couldn't help but fall in love with THIS fun, crazy idea for Waffle Pizza...I am 
so glad someone thought it up!! I gave it a try on my family and they looked a little "taken back" at first
BUT after they bit into it, they couldn't get enough! 
Its great for kids and adults....after all, food speaks to all ages, right?!

Waffle Pizza
*There are NO limits to this fabulous idea...so use your creativity and top YOUR pizza with all of your favorite toppings.....I will just give you some topping ideas but I will  put a * by the ones that I used (just incase you fell in love with my picture...which isn't very GRAND by any means) and you wanted to copy what I put on mine.

       make your favorite waffle recipe and cook according to instructions

hash browns *
scrambled eggs *
ground sausage
chopped nuts
diced strawberries
whipped topping
maple syrup*
blackberry syrup
powered sugar
diced banana's
strawberry sauce


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