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Monday, September 23, 2013

Chicken Taco Pita Pocket

Who doesn't love an easy, tasty sandwich. I love pita sandwiches, but where I live, 
 I can rarely find the "Pita Pocket" bread....so when I do, I buy them in PILES and freeze them.
This pita sandwich is one of my favorites! Hope it becomes one of yours too. 

Chicken Taco Pita Pocket
Rotissari Chicken, shredded OR your favorite cooked chicken
shredded cheese
diced avocado
diced tomato
ranch dressing
Pita Pocket Bread

*I didn't give you measurements because its just one of those things you put together to your liking. 

Place chicken pieces into pocket bread, top with cheese, avocado, tomato and ranch dressing. Serve with your favorite side dish. Mmmmmmm!


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