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Saturday, November 9, 2013


Some difficult challenges have faced me this week. I am in a hard place right now and so I am taking a little time off from cooking which means I am taking a little time off from blogging as well. I hope that in a weeks time I can pull myself back together and get back to life, but for now...I need to take a "pause" in life. Please check out the many fabulous recipes that are already posted and enjoy a week, a month or even a years worth of menu's made up from what we have posted on our blog. Thank you for being understanding and such wonderful fans of "Better Than Burgers". Happy Cooking...but most of all "Happy Eating!"


  1. Just said a quick prayer for you. May you find peace.

  2. Sending you prayers for a better tomorrow.

  3. Thinking of you, I hope your doing well.

  4. Is there anything I can do to help you? Please let me know.