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Monday, April 28, 2014

Taco Crunchwrap

I saw this on pinterest and knew I had to try it out. There was only "pictures" no recipe.
The site I clicked on said it was flagged for "inappropriate" pictures...needless to say, I didn't continue.
SOooooo...I sort of went by what the pictures on pinterest looked like and made my own.
THIS crunchwrap is DELICIOUS and VERY filling. Its versatile and can be filled with
any of your favorite taco fillings....so be creative and make it how your family would enjoy it! 

Taco Crunchwrap
*No ingredient amounts will be given...it all depends on how many you are making and how much you want to put in them. 

Burrito tortilla shells
refried beans 
cooked rice (I added 1 package taco seasoning + 1/4 c. water, to 3 cups cooked rice, heat until water was
     gone and rice is hot)
ground beef, cooked and drained
shredded cheddar cheese
diced tomatoes

Heat tortilla shells in the microwave for about 15 seconds so its pliable. Place a spoonful of refried beans in the center of tortilla shell and spread, to the size of your tostada shell (I sort of measured mine). Top with a spoonful of ground beef, sprinkling on top of refried beans. Add rice and tomatoes, spreading around to cover meat. Top with cheese (spread around). Place tostada shell on top, cover with cheese. Wrap edges around around the tostada shell. There will still be an opening to use ANOTHER burrito shell and cut the amount you need to cover tostada shell (refer to picture above, you can sort of see how I did that). Heat frying pan and enough oil to cover the bottom of the pan. Carefully place the folded side of shell face down in the hot oil. Cook on medium until first side is browned, turn over and repeat until this side is browned. Cut and serve. Top with sour cream, salsa or ranch....whatever you like to eat your taco with! THIS my friends is a FULL meal and will leave you full and happy!


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  1. I love crunch wraps but never thought of making them at home. Excellent post!!