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Monday, May 19, 2014

Julie's Easy Peasy Summer Fruit Salad

I'm love the fact the summer is ALMOST here. We've had days that feel like summer
BUT we have still had cold, winter feeling days. I like to serve fruit salad 
frequently in the summer months. Its easy and tastes great! This summer salad is filling
yet, light enough you can have a second or third serving if you WANT TO. MMMmm...so eat up!

Julie's Summer Fruit Salad 
* I'm not putting amounts for the ingredient, that is up to you

Cottage cheese
your favorite fruit:
sliced oranges
sliced or diced strawberries
diced pears
fresh peaches

Place cottage cheese on the bottom of each serving dish (1/2 c. makes a serving...but add as much as you want). Place fruit on top. Sprinkle with a little sugar on top or top with whipped topping if desired. Sometimes I stir mine together, but not everyone likes it that way, so I serve it without being stirred (most of the time). Yep...its that easy!


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