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Friday, October 31, 2014

Teriyaki Chicken Avocado Panini's

I thought you might want something EASY AND QUICK to make for dinner tonight
as you will be running around with your "little spooks" or maybe you will be lucky enough 
to just be sitting around and answering the door and handing out candy to the little "darlings"! EITHER WAY...this is a QUICK, YUMMY and FILLING dinner for everyone!
AND REALLY, WHO doesn't like a good panini?!...
I for one,  LOVE THESE things and the versatility of them!!
I used leftover Teriyaki Grilled Chicken (yesterday's post)...I purposefully made EXTRA so that I could make these mouthwatering panini's today. THEY turned out just as I had hopped....DELICIOUS! 

Teriyaki Chicken Avocado Panini's
*ingredient won't be in amounts...it will just be "ingredients" and the instructions on how to compile the sandwich.

Teriyaki Chicken Breast, cut into small pieces or shredded
avocado slices
cooked bacon
bread, homemade or deli bread...something dense
sliced cheese (I used provolone) 

To make sandwiches, butter the back sides of the bread, like you would for a grilled cheese sandwich. On one slice of bread, place in order- 1 slice of cheese, sliced or shredded grilled chicken breast (we ripped ours up a little so that the sandwich wouldn't be so thick), avocado,3-4 slices cooked bacon,  1 more slice of cheese, then top with another slice of bread. (MAKE sure that the butter is on the OUTSIDE of each slice of bread).

Place sandwich in panini press and cook until bread is toasted and crisp (mine took approximately 3-4 minutes).

*To make sandwich without a press-assemble sandwich as directed above. Place sandwich in a frying pan, butter side down. Place a smaller sauce pan (the heavier the better) on top of sandwich, pressing sandwich down (I placed a large can of tomato juice (still in the can) in my sauce pan to add more weight...you could use whatever you had) Cook until the one side is browned and then turn sandwich over, repeating if necessary to melt the cheese. I've made panini's like this several times and it works like a charm.

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