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Friday, February 27, 2015


The one thing that is always missed most when we are trying to "EAT HEALTHY" are all
of those tempting foods that we love, but shouldn't eat. This fabulous SKINNY BROWNIE recipe is the perfect sweet treat WITHOUT ANY oil or fat. Its NOT lacking ANY flavor at all, in fact
many who have tried them compare them to the store bought bakery brownies that we all love. 
I would give this brownie a HUGE four **** (stars!) They freeze well also...that is IF 
there are any left over in the pan! Happy EATING!!


1 DARK chocolate brownie mix (DO NOT follow ingredient on back)
1/2 c. water 
1/4 c. Fat Free GREEK Yogurt
2 egg whites

14-18 DARK CHOCOLATE chips

Mix all ingredient EXCEPT chocolate chips,  until combined. Place in a 9x13 baking pan sprayed with cooking spray. Cook according to package instructions (I think I cooked mine for 28 minutes, but each brand is slightly different, so check for cooking times). Remove from oven 5 minutes BEFORE its done. Sprinkle 14-18 DARK chocolate chips over brownies. Return to oven. Cook remaining time. When you take the brownies out, gently spread the slightly melted/softened chocolate chips across brownies. THIS gives them the taste of frosting...if you want to eliminate this part, you could. Let brownies cool completely. Cut and serve. 


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